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   At our organization, we are working very hard to build up our pageant system and the only problem holding us down comes from the financial difficulty and its uncertainty. It happened to any type of business in the world not just with our pageant. We spend so much time and effort previously to get start but we did not have sufficient financial needed to have our pageants launch at the full extend. So our solution for the problem is to focus on promoting our business in all positive aspect and spread our brand "MISS VIETNAM®" to reach the point that we could be self reliable and with little help or sponsor from the third party organization. 

   When our pageant system become independent in the near future, we will be at the highest valuable return on investment (ROI) for our sponsors and supporters. The organization and its network will launch many programs which tailored to many specific audiences and viewers to promote your business. While developing this pageants system we will always seek out many different opportunities that will help our organization and our network.

   The pageant systems we invented have been in the research and development for a long time, after overlook at many pageant system available out there in the world then we came up with the new system. We believe that the new system will be the best thing available for Vietnamese community domestic and internationally. With so many years experienced in the pageant industry we understand what and why we came up with this enormous system to serve our community and to preserve our culture through beauty pageant contest.

   The primary concern for our pageant system is to following our business intended formula. This prestigious formula we came up with will guide our organization to serve our communities better now and in the future. Through many years of experienced in the pageant industry, we realized that the only way to have a meaningful pageant system is not to focus on just a simple beauty contests and shows, but the pageant should focus on the better expectation and the Miss Vietnam® title holder will be the one that hold the highest meaningful cause which we called "Beauty For The Greatest Goal."

   Lastly, we are asking for any help from you to accomplish this mission. We hope by our effort our organization will be the valuable added to our Vietnamese communities in the world.


   Miss Vietnam® Organizer

At the moment our website is still under major development, please be patient and check back in the near future.
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